The region is made up of a 22km-protected coastline along the Mediterranean Sea. A Regional Marine Park beautifully displays the diverse flora and fauna all along the coast. From Laurons beach to Tamaris cove, to rocky inlets carved out of limestone, these easily accessible natural sites along the coastal path in Martigues have maintained a wild and untouched appearance.
The picturesque harbor of Carro continues to support traditional fishing practices and offers a fresh fish market for locals and tourists alike.

Martigues is a city in bloom, situated on the water on the edge of the Etang de Berre and connected to the Mediterranean Sea by the Caronte Canal.

The city has experienced an important industrial boom and has successfully found a balance between fostering economic development while preserving its natural beauty and its tourist attractions.

The charming canals, islands and bridges have given Martigues the nickname, “The Venice of Provence.”

We invite you to stroll along Martigues’ many wharfs, in particular those found in the fisherman’s neighborhood surrounding the Saint Sebastian canal.